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I would like to thank the Counter By RightStats.Com!

people who have come to my site expecting to see something worthwhile. Thanks a lot. To be perfectly honest I have rather let this site rot for the last two years, I didn't mean to, life has been rather unstable for the first year then the second year I had GCSEs to think about and I admint, I was pre-ocupied with my Macintosh based sites; The Macintosh Council and I do still like Beebs don't get me wrong, it is just that I have rather lost interest recently, though I hope to get it going again with the repair and sale of some of my Master 128s.
I am not going to pretend that i know a lot about BBC's...I don't...I wasn't around at the time of the BBC or if I was I was probably about two! (i'm not going to calculate, maths is not my best subject!) All that I do know I have learned of other sites, so because of this I am only going to put up the bits that are useful and intrest me, like serial port interfacing and the analogue and user ports.
For now you can see the ruins of the old site over here, please note that at the time, I did all my images as absolute URLs so thats why they keep saying "Hosted By Tripod".
The Arorn 8-bit Webring:
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